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Born in 1967 and raised in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, I have always had a deep connection with nature and being in it. From the age of about 9 years old I would be out in the "wild" areas around Denver looking, learning, and feeding my need to be close to nature. Prior to this I would occasionally go to the mountains, or fishing, with relatives in Utah and Colorado. I knew early on that this is where I felt at home and most comfortable. At 10 years old it was common for me to be dropped off at the local State Park at dawn to begin a day of fishing and exploring by myself. The trees, birds, lizards, prairie dogs and all were my friends. We knew each other well. How could I share my sights, experiences and excitement with others though? That was a dilemma for me in my young life.

About this same time I received my first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. I was hooked. I could capture and express thoughts and sights of those moments in my life like I hadn't known how to before. This was very powerful. There was no spark within me, there was a fire. Nature, wildlife and photography....that is all I wanted or needed. That, and to be able to share my love for the trio.

Fast forward to 1985 in High School when I receive my first SLR camera from my parents. I loved it, and the possibilities. The military and later, life, would get in the way of persuing my passion and dreams.

Fast forward again to 1997 when I make the decision I must get back into it. Purchasing the latest consumer 35mm camera from Canon. That didn't last long and in 1999 I got into "L" lenses and my new love the EOS3 pro camera. I get serious. I study everything I can on composition, exposure, film types, environments and animal behavior. Ahh, this is how life is supposed to be. Every free moment was spent looking, exploring and learning once again. This continues for many years...and still today.

Enter the digital age. I refuse. I didn't want to know about this fad. It was not going to last and I couldn't give up film for this grainy, unsharp temporary situation just to join the masses moving to digital. Never.

In 2007 I decided I should get a little pocket camera just for those moments when I didn't have the "big" camera with me. Instant gratification was a powerful thing.

Today, Nature and Wildlife Photography is still my passion, whether film (medium format nowadays), or more commonly digital. The methods and tools may have changed but the fire within me has not, if anything it has increased as I have aged.

I welcome you and thank you for coming here to share my love and passion for all the world's natural places and those that call them home. Please enjoy your stay.



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My fondest memories in life revolve around photography. My Father was a wonderful Photographer and teacher. I remember when I was young we had a dark room built into the basement of our beloved old 1890's farm house. My Father insisted on this because it was such a passion of his. I would sit for hours with him in there watching him mix chemicals just so and making magic happen. I was the subject of his passion most of the time. While I rode my horse, sat for his portraits, or just tagged along for the ride. I learned so much from him and still have the passion today. I became interested way back then. I took photography in High school but really my greatest teacher was my Father. Through the years I would dabble and take pictures of my 3 kids growing up and doing many wonderful things. But, it wasn’t until I met Michael and my passion sparked again. I am so glad that I finally got back into this and I am once again filling such a void that I have missed so much. My Father passed away 9 years ago but he is still with me in every shot. I love being with my husband Michael who also shares the excitement and fulfillment of getting that one great shot. We have so much fun on our travels seeking and hopefully capturing that perfect picture. My Mother even recently took off on an adventure with Michael. She is 81, and while out walking she came across a snake, calmly she called for Mike to come see and get the shot. She also has been through this for years with my Dad. They were quite the pair. I only hope that Mike and I are as blessed to share this adventure for many, many years to come. Thank you for stopping by to see our gallery and stay a while. It has been so much fun and a wonderful time getting to be one with nature. I hope you enjoy it all and consider purchasing some prints, they’re perfect for so many occasions. Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

Blessed be~


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